Overview (Spoilers Below)
First up, the President is looking for extra cash to pay off his very busy lawyers so he turns to Silicon Valley for financial help. The usual suspects show up for a meeting, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk who convince Donald to start his own app that would help gain the attention of local Silicon investors. The app will let users just give Donald cash for no other reason than to just fill his pockets. The billionaires ditch Trump just as his app takes off and opts to return to the White House. He talks to the ghost of Ronald Reagan who continues to give bad advice so Trump turns to Stephen Miller who helps him sneak into a big tech conference where Donald calls out the tech gods about their contributions to the GOP
Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren is having trouble raising funds of her own so she turns to Wall Street and Mike Bloomberg for a little “economic stimulus”. Her pal Barack Obama helps make the introduction and Elizabeth gets her cash and all of the accouterments that come with it. Bernie Sanders finds out about Elizabeth’s new lifestyle and doesn’t approve so Elizabeth returns to the council of billionaires where we learn that these guys are declaring war against Bernie’s socialist principles. Warren says as such at a Bernie fundraiser and maybe she’s getting arrested.
Our Take
Kind of an ominous feeling not having the almost patented cold opens from Our Cartoon President. For those that don’t know, the opens are produced the week of whereas the rest of the episode is produced months ago which is why we still get 27 minutes of Our Cartoon President. In fact, one of the downsides of this week’s episode is that it’s all about Elizabeth Warren raising money for a Presidential campaign that we now know is no longer active.
This week’s episode was definitely one of the funnier produced episodes of the year. Between Bernie Sanders licking his fingers while devouring a bag of Fritos or Trump’s belly shirt, we had some funny gags going down this week. Like previous weeks, the premises for both plots aren’t devoid of cliche as we’ve had numerous candidates attempting to raise money and turning to billionaires for various reason. But James Adomian’s “Bernie Sanders” is one of the best characters for the show as is Iman Crosson’s “President Obama” which is so good it was actually approved by the real Barack Obama.
Next week is the midseason finale, how will we wrap? Check back in to find out!

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