Review: Our Cartoon President “Save the Right”


Come on down!

Overview (Spoilers Below)

By “Save the Right”, we mean Donald Trump leads a band of conservatives against those who ban them on social media. The President then makes sure to put his executive powers to use by ordering that conservates are seen as equals to anyone else and as such should be treated that way. Unfortunately, that soon leads the conservatives to feel slighted over every little overture towards them so they take part in a big white people march that ends in Trump crying for a permit.

Meanwhile, Don Jr. is yearning for real parents and opts for Nancy and Schumer. The Democratic duo takes part in all of the normal parental tropes that Don Sr. was never there for like meeting Jr’s new girlfriend, riding the pony, and getting advice. This soon becomes all a little too real for Don Jr and he opts to re-join his dad’s ridiculous march.

Our Take

This week’s episode suffers a lot by not having a long cold open which is usually the yummy appetizer that helps set us up for the show. As a result of the opposite happening, the writers are forced to write a longer episode which can sometimes trip up a staff that doesn’t seem to have all the ‘stuff’ just yet to come up with ideas for a weekly animated comedy. We’re getting there, just not yet. Don Jr’s plot we’ve seen a bunch of times before, pretty normal stuff with the lone twist being purely political. In the main premise of the episode, we get an idea that drips with South Park’s dunnit. The whole episode doesn’t quite work, I hardly remember muttering anything more than a quick chuckle with the hope that the season two finale can finish this one strong.

John Schwarz

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