Review: Our Cartoon President “Family Leave”

Are Trump’s daddy issues enough for a good episode?

Overview (Spoilers):

Trump’s strangely close relationship with his daughter Ivanka takes the plot.  As many of his daughter’s positions don’t align with his political maneuvers, Donald decides to take a more progressive approach in hopes of rekindling his relationship with Ivanka.  Initiating a Paid Family Leave bill, father and daughter are closer than ever.  But, Ivanka needs to lie to Trump to get some space away.  Of course, they make pleasant by the end.

Meanwhile, Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends can’t wrap his head around Trump’s new progressive bill and goes on a journey of self-discovery.  Also, there is a Turkish splinter group threatening World War III but, nobody seems to notice.

Our Take:

This episode was more like a family sitcom that I could watch on NBC at primetime than a stab at America’s current political issues.  The joke about Trump being a typical dumb television father figure has more than worn off.  It’s easy to make jokes about someone being unintelligent, and honestly, we were hoping for better than this out of the series.

Gags such as the ‘world’s largest bag of popcorn’ and Brian Kilmeade going on a spiritual journey, just aren’t enough to carry this show.  Considering the demographics necessary to understand the many political references, it’s hard to grasp why the humour is of such low brow.  This series will have a hard time lasting with episodes like these.



Jesse Bereta

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