Overview (Spoilers Below)

After the Iowa Caucuses, Democratic candidates are struggling to come to grips as to whatever the hell is going on. As a result, we’re focusing on Pete Buttigieg’s bid for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Mayor Pete’s gotta do everything he can to relate to a country that’s very much wishy-washy on such a young buck, so Pete turns to a guy who has a history in winning elections, Bill Clinton.

Clinton takes Pete through all of the former President’s experiences in dealing with a scandal while being a sitting President. This is good because Bill’s got all sorts of scandals he hasn’t shared with the country and he’s intending to help Pete see every one of them. Pete makes a quick escape and heads to a Democratic Forum and helps the other candidates shit all over Bill de Blasio all before reuniting with Bill where the two bury their differences and Pete goes back to being the mayor.

Meanwhile, Donald’s worried about the increasing number of people registering to vote, a clear threat to the GOP and Trump’s seat at the White House. His answer? Foreign interference. Trump deploys his top negotiator, Rudy Giuliani, to negotiate with Vladimir Putin to crush his opponents once-and-for-all. Mitch McConnell decides to do away with what little election securities we have now and pass a bill that will do just that. When it gets to Donald, he has to come to grips as to whether or not he should go through with destroying our democracy, but George Washington’s ghost shows up and helps nudge Donald in the right direction. After destroying the Constitution, Trump goes to town on the voting rights.

Our Take

I think this week’s episode went crazier on the Democrats than any of the Republicans save for Mitch McConnell’s constant shady entrances ala Darth Vader. Props for the aforementioned really should go to Tim Luecke for not only leading a team adept at putting together complicated animation sequences in a short amount of time, but also take into account shading/lighting effects when producing his characters.

Writing team should get some kudos for going hard in the paint on Democratic celebrities, ironically in a week where Pete Buttigieg is getting increased scrutiny post the Iowa Caucus. The connection between Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton continues to get increased attention, and the way Bill de Blasio was talked down to was so savage I actually felt sorry for the guy.

That’s not to say this week’s episode didn’t have it’s pitfalls. Democrats getting Clinton for help seems to be a common occurrence, and Trump nearly becoming the hero in his tale is a tough pill to swallow. The episode is a solid effort, but needs to infuse a bit more originality to start getting those higher marks.

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