Review: Mr. Pickles “Sheriffs” ; “Bullies”

Otherwise known as cops and robbers.

Overview (Spoilers Below)


Imagine Cops but with the Sheriff…a Mr. Pickles spin on the original docu-series that follows our mangy Sheriff as he cracks Old Town’s cases. Examples include arrests, someone stealing Sheriff’s clothes, and who has been fucking the local donkey.


The bullies beat the shit out of Tommy and continue to torture him and the rest of the family. Tommy’s mother tries to make peace with the family causing all these issues, but the Sheriff pitches a bowling competition to settle things. The competition goes sideways and now the Goodmans are in a family war with not just the Bullies parents but the local biker gang who snatch up the bullies until Beverly is able to make the save. Beverly later beats the shit out of all of the Blarptons and the biker gang, much to the delight of Mr.Pickles.

Our Take

While the earlier portion of “Bullies” was a tad convoluted plot-wise, overall, we get another solid week of Mr. Pickles heading into the two-part finale that airs next week. The producers continue to give us daring challenges to the tropes this franchise has built over the last few seasons and it’s paying off in spades in the forms of entertaining parodies and bike chase scenes that need to be seen to be believed. We actually don’t get to see a bunch of brutal violence at the hands of our fabled hero, but Beverly helps add to that department at the end.


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