Review: Mr. Pickles “Brain Download/”Momma’s Boy”

Drink up, Adult Swim’s crazy canine is back for blood!

Overview (Spoilers Below)

“Brain Download

Grandpa’s wife Agnis comes back to life thanks to Mr. Pickles for the sole purpose of helping the titular character in haunting the old man until the end of time. However, that’s not even the worst thing going down in Old Town as some asshole’s come to town and has methodically downloaded everyone’s memories that he plans to then release to the internet unless he gets a cash reward. Tommy, with the help of hacker “Blades”, help stop the evil hacker’s plans before they come to pass but Mr. Pickles kills then turns the guy into a slave.

“Momma’s Boy”

The Sheriff and Mr. Bojenkins end up in the woods and they can’t leave until the Sheriff loses his virginity to the mama wolf…much to the chagrin of Mr. Pickles who clearly had “marked” this territory first.

Our Take

By far and away, Mr. Pickles Season Three appears to be the show’s strongest season yet. Right away, fans will notice an improved musical composition score to go along with what looks to be a way more aggression by way of the writers who have officially gone off the deep end.

“Momma’s Boy” is the episode that will certainly satiate the tried and true Mr. Pickles fan. It’s disgustingly morose and Pickles is barely in the episode, but the pack of wolves that accompany Bojenkins and the Sheriff are drawn from the same hellish cloth that fans of the domesticated variety will certainly adhere to.

But, the REAL winner this week, is the season three premiere episode “Brain Download”. It’s the most ambitious episode of Mr. Pickles to date and offers up a clinic in art direction that quite honestly now makes this show the standard bearer in terms of the craziest animated experience you’ll ever be a part of. Clearly, the producers are noticing the upward sophistication that has shown on other networks and streaming services and has applied that logic to their already volatile mixture of extreme violence and effective storytelling that helps expand the show’s repertoire that could very well have positive repercussions when we’re discussing the 2018 “Best Show” by year’s end.


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