Review: Mike Tyson Mysteries “Yves Klein Blues”

Spoilers Below

This week, Tyson’s team, plus the annoying Australian housekeeper whom nobody likes, set off to find to a specific shade of blue for Mike’s track-suit. Although the episode doesn’t focus on the journey to find the blue, or even the gang, it mainly focuses on the annoying Aussie that they can’t seem to get a break from.

In the beginning of the episode, we are introduced to Terry, the new worker hired to upkeep the mansion. In his week of work at the Tyson residence, he has already gotten the reputation of the over-talkative worker in which is too enthusiastic for the people he is surrounded with. Pigeon tells him that he can’t be heard over his non-existent headphones, while Mike avoids most face-to-face contact with him so that conflict can be avoided. Marquess is told repeatedly to wear sunscreen by Terry even though he is a ghost and is supposed to white. He doesn’t get the message that he is a pain in the butt, and that carries the plot.

On a hunt for the “Yves Klein Blues” the gang is taken to Paris and then Brazil for a shade that is just slightly darker than Tyson’s current shade of blue. His track suit was originally Yves Klein Blue, just bleach whitened it a tad. The President of Brazil decides to provide a custom-made track suit for Tyson because he is one of her top 10 favorite wrestlers.

Terry is funny as the butt of everyone’s’ jokes but that he the source of this week’s humor and it never expands beyond that. For a one-episode gag, it is acceptable but if he became a reoccurring character, which I’m 98% certain that he won’t, then it makes for a decent throwaway joke. I laughed, but it got repetitive and the joke was used up after the first 5 minutes of the 11 minute show.


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