Review: Mike Judge Presents: Tales From The Tour Bus “James Brown (Part 1)”

We need to have a little chat.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The first part of the story of James Brown focuses on his rise from poverty to that of a superstar and an eventual enemy of the United States Government. Next week, we get to see how that last part helped translate to the famous James Brown coke stories.

Our Take

This week’s episode of Mike Judge Presents further proves that the “Bootsy Collins” episode probably didn’t need to happen because we basically got a partially-reaired portion of the prior week’s episode. We DID, however, get real-life interview recordings from James Brown that I thought was truly fascinating, and the story behind that interview was just as much so. I found myself more interested in the live-action portions of the episode than the animated portions which didn’t show enough value to me in being animated in the first place other than the aforementioned interviews. Especially, as mentioned, that a bunch of the “Bootsy Collins” stuff was then repurposed so it’s like paying twice for the same thing, even if for only a small portion of the episode. I’ll be curious to see if part two warrants the sequel episode and if there’s enough there that continues to warrant the aforementioned “Bootsy Collins” even further.




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