Review: Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther’s Quest “T’Chanda”

We play the orchestra.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s episode we learn all about the importance of all of the trinkets that we’ve chasing around the world for along with the Shadow Council. Turns out, they all belong to a box that features the name of another one of T’Challa’s ancestors that we’ll learn about this week. In the meantime, we get a glimpse of T’Chanda’s take on the Black Panther teaming up with Captain America and Peggy Carter in a robot battle with Baron Zemo and Arnim Zola.

Our Take

There’s a lot going on in this week’s episode, just none of it is important and most of it is just anime-like filler. Yes, it’s cool to see throwback Panther, but we’re treated to a silly robot battle that looked clunky and indicative of the other silly robot battles we’ve been getting for years from Disney-produced Marvel animation. The far more impressive aspect of “T’Chanda” was by far the recurring and guest cast. Yes, a lot will be made of Stan Lee’s last vocal record, and it’s a good one and the line is perfectly in sync in which the way we really need to think as a country. Seriously, if that’s the last thing Stan has ever recorded, I’d be totally fine. Other solid contributions come from Hayley Atwell’s role as “Peggy Carter” and Mark Hamill as “Arnim Zola” in a combined vocal performance that was the most interesting part of the episode. Certainly, it isn’t the plot that’s saving this one.


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