Review: Magical Girl Friendship Squad “Origin Story”



On paper, Magical Girl Friendship Squad has all the makings of a sure-fire hit, and it delivers on all cylinders. The upcoming six-episode pilot series is created by Kelsey Stephanides and written by Diana McCorry who we know from the 2018 best new series of the year, Human Kind Of.

For those tuning in to watch Purgatony, fair warning, it’s not that good. Make this your late-night Saturday choice instead because you’ll get way more out of it. The producers are using a Sailor Moon/Broad City description for the series, I liken Magical Girl Friendship Squad to a grown-up Steven Universe. The series produced, directed, and designed by Krystal Downs (of Doggo Studios fame) features a palette of bright pinks and purples that certainly wouldn’t look out of place on Cartoon Network’s early-time hours, but when you listen to the hilarious dialogue you know you’re in for more of an Adult Swim joint.

Cartuna produces the series which officially makes the once fledgling production company the defacto studio for Syfy much in the same way Titmouse was for Adult Swim in the early 2000’s. This is by far their most sophisticated looking series that follows two girls (Alex and Daisy) who get powers after sticking their fingers up a red panda’s ass all for the fate of the universe.  The series features more than solid vocal contributions from Anna Akana as “Daisy” and Brianna Baker as “Alex”, both of whom deliver jokes like they’ve been doing this forever and I can’t wait to see more from these girls in upcoming episodes.

Magical Girl Friendship Squad is Syfy’s first legit animated franchise. It’s the only one that’s absolutely ready for the big-leagues with, given enough network support, can really be a flagship for the network for years to come.

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