Review: JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales “The Goldilox Massacre”


Overview (Spoilers Below)

In a spin on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Goldilocks goes out into the woods where the bears have set a trap inside of some house that she stumbles onto. After eating all of the food, she attempts to use the bathroom but gets her ass chewed off. Fortunately, Goldilocks finds a new ass, and soon heads to sleep upstairs. The bears show up but this bitch has super powers and destroys the house and kills everyone inside. It takes a minute, but the body parts for the bears reassemble into a big monster and do everything they can to destroy Goldilocks. Their first stop is Goldilocks’ house where a huge battle ensues, but the head of the household shows up and blasts those bears to kingdom come.

Our Take

By far the series sneak premiere I was most impressed with. JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales is a more controlled effort than King Star King, as a result, we get a more solid effort featuring a guest cast that’s as good as any. The character designs for the Berenstein Bears-looking monsters are off the charts with a huge battle at the end that should help fans remind themselves of Adult Swim’s early, more violent days. This could be a strong case for best new series of the year.

John Schwarz

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