While Mark returns from his weekend trip, the Grayson house has become divided. Debbie has discovered the truth about her husband, and Omni Man is out of options. The only thing left for each of them to do is talk to Mark. But who will get to him first?

Cecil and the Global Defence Agency help Debbie by throwing everything they got at Omni Man. But even that does not seem like enough to stop him. Though when an unexpected ally comes to face the turncoat hero, the truth may reveal itself in front of Mark and the rest of the world.


Our Take:

The penultimate episode delivers in the same way the entire season has done up onto this point – by driving us crazy with anticipation. Ever since the first episode’s conclusion, when Omni Man slaughtered the Guardians of the Globe, we have been waiting for the story to play out. Specifically, we have wanted to see how this would impact the young Mark Grayson. And just as the season has toyed around with this the entire run, this episode continues the games.

Though we would not have it any other way.

By and large, this episode was the most thrilling one yet. The plot is a simple one, Omni Man is trying to reach his son, Invincible, and it may be in the fate of the planet to stop him. This results in the Global Defence Agency revealing every trick they have up their sleeves. This is also a significant pay off for previous episodes as old villains come back for more.

Easily one of the best parts of this series has been watching overpowered beings let loose in violent ways that we have never seen before. With Omni Man being the most overpowered and violent of them all, this was a highlight episode. From manhandling ordinary humans like they were less than bugs to facing a gigantic squid beast amped up on steroids, it all goes down. And every second of it is better than the last.

It all comes down to a few facts going into the season finale. One, shit is about to go down. Two, the only thing capable of stopping Omni Man is his own offspring. And three, it is going to be gruesome.

However, there are some unknowns still. Specifically for those that have not read the source material and have no context for what is about to happen. The most interesting of these will be how Mark Grayson reacts to discovering the truth about his father and his own origins.

As if the action-packed A-plot didn’t deliver enough, this episode has more reveals in store.  

The very cringe-worthy Robot storyline dropped some significant bombshells and gave away some major plot points. The cloning side-story was inevitably going to amp up before the end of the season. And we can be grateful that most of it played out here, as it leaves room for a slobber knocker of a finale.

For an episode that was almost entirely lead-up for something much bigger, this was some of the best content we have seen out of Invincible. From start to finish, this one has you biting nails and wincing at the gore. And the conclusion manages to hit on such a note that nothing can go back to normal. This episode managed to pack so much in, and the plot barely moved. But one thing is for sure, the ground will be shaking come the season finale.



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