Review: Human Discoveries “And Then They Almost Died”




Jane and Gary are getting more comfortable in their relationship, and it is putting a highlight on some of the things that they disagree on. When the group is almost struck by lightning, and the near-death experience has them both feelings exhilarated. Suddenly all the comforts that they have been finding like fire and relationships seem less critical. The couple tries to mix things up by doing things that may kill them. But, it takes a severe situation for them to realize that there is exhilaration in being open and honest with one another.

Meanwhile, Trog discovered the first mirror after the lightning strike. Seeing his reflection for the first time has him feeling self-conscious about his appearance. In an attempt to be more like Ugg, Trog invents weight lifting to make himself stronger. Minerva saves him the effort by showing him that he can look strong without actually doing anything. But, when there comes a moment for him to reveal his true self, Trog discoveries self-esteem.


Our Take:

There is so much that has gone down in the short life of Human Discoveries thus far. The ongoing saga has been very wise in its inclusion of past events and changes as things have progressed forward. Once things like fire and wine were discovered, they had a permanent place in the camp and the series. But, another thing that has progressed along with the show itself is the nature of Gary and Jane’s relationship. Human Discoveries is more than a documentation of prehistoric times through a modern lens, it is also a deep dive into the inner workings of relationships and love.

There is a solidified topic that is relatable for any of us who have found love in this episode. Gary and Jane have both been making needless sacrifices in an attempt to seem more compatible with their potential partner. Gary pretends to enjoy coconut while Jane puts up with holding hands. They are small examples of things that any of us may do in the name of courting. This show offers a beautiful message about the whole insecure problem that things like that present. Gary and Jane are both acting from a place of love. They are making these moves and being quiet about their frustrations because they genuinely care about one another. And, it is when they are finally open about how they feel that they can find a genuine connection. These small messages peppered throughout this series can have a meaningful impact. There is something about the innocence of the prehistoric setting that makes these morals easy to hear.

Aside from the deepness that this show can present sometimes, we should not forget the humour. And, just about every week the best example of the humour is the elk that live in the background of this world. This week, as they find their new leader, who seems to have a viable plan, he is shortly struck by lightning. For the first time, the two primary elk are left without a leader for the episode which causes its own problems. In place, they visit the rest of the animal kingdom where the rabbits, monkeys, and bear can take centre stage. It turns out all of the animals in this world can not only talk, but they are all hilarious. Give us more of the animals!

This was one of the more entertaining episodes of the season thus far. There is a lot of context to the story and jokes that require you to watch the previous episodes, but it is so worth it. It shows that the longer that this series can keep going the crazier things will get. A good thing because this is also the type of show that could run out of stories, but there is enough talent to keep this thing projecting forward. A solid mix of thought out plot, robust comedy, and some heart, this is premium content through and through.

Jesse Bereta

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