Sins of the Father.


While Sonic and Tails recover from the ass-wine and Jim-Morty attempts to sustain his flimsy charade, Eggman’s daughter, Eggette (damn, not Omelette?) rallies him to return to his world-conquering ways. Seems she was “discovered” in one of the sprites of Sonic Mania, which somehow “freed” her, but she then found the game in ruins due to what happened in the first episode. So, as her first act of vengeance, she kicks Sonic’s daughter Soniqua (long story) into orbit, then steals Sonic’s one ring and then Jim-Morty.


Oh hey, guess we finally have a plot going…at the halfway mark. Where all plots should start, really. But they’re making use of a Sonic Mania fan character, which is a neat move, even if it still feels sloppy and lazy. For those who don’t know Eggette AKA Omelette AKA Ovoid was originally a sprite of Eggman in the game but was angled in a way that it looked to some like a girl with giant hair instead of Eggman’s beard. Several fan designs later, a new character was born in the minds of fans that Sega has not capitalized on for some reason. With that in mind, I’m all for Sonic for Hire making use of her instead.

But the way they introduce her is…kinda confusing, mainly because it seems to have so little thought put into it. She says she was “discovered” in one of the sprites, but did that mean she didn’t exist until people thought they saw her? Wouldn’t it have been easier to say she was just already in the game, maybe even foreshadow her at the end of the first episode so there can be something to look forward to besides “Sonic and Tails might make a game”? We sure as hell didn’t need that last episode to kick the unconceived horse that is hating on Ice Climbers. And I sure as hell don’t care about whatever’s happening with Earthworm Jim.

The other thing I’m scratching my head at is how her plan is to bring Eggman back to his earlier glory when even in this show’s previous seven seasons, he’s never been shown (even in flashbacks) as someone who was capable of that). And heck, how would they even go about that? There’s this constant shift in understanding what about these different game worlds are meant to be just games or actual places, so is the plan just to conquer this Sonic-related world? Take over the other ones so we can get a Gay Link cameo to add to this reunion? Maybe even bring back mob boss Mario to cap it off? Though one thing’s for sure, after what I’ve seen Soniqua go through in my binge-watch of the show, I can tell you that she will be back. But yeah, four episodes down, four to go. With an actual objective in sight, where will the plot go to waste time? Or will the episode BE on time?

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