Nick Offerman leads us in this explorative documentary about the effects and aftermath of taking psychedelic drugs. Including interviews of experts and celebrities sharing their firsthand experiences, the film contrasts the propaganda and negative connotations put on these drugs through politics and mass media.


Our Take:

For some reason back in the mid-60s psychedelics became heralded as a terrible and dangerous thing. Even though mass research and experience was telling us that drugs like LSD and DMT could help us change the world for the better. Through most of our lives, we have been living in a world that tells us all drugs are addictive, dangerous, and will ruin our lives. Thankfully, the truth always comes out, and views and opinions change.

Today cannabis and psilocybin are becoming legalized in states and countries the world over. As the technological age reigns supremacy, we are reconnecting with the roots that we have lost. Decades of possible research has been thrown out the window for reasons ranging from controlling the masses to ignorance. Slowly we are getting back on track and realizing the amazing benefits that these drugs could offer the sick, mentally ill, or even those that need new perspectives.

Have a Good Trip opens the discussion about psychedelics and what they have to offer. On the surface, this documentary is a chance to see our favourite celebrities talk about their most rock star evenings high on LSD. But that is just a pretty wrapping paper to help open up people’s opinions about substances that they have been trained to be scared about.

Sure, who doesn’t want to hear about A$ap Rocky having an amazing sexual experience, or Ben Stiller explain why he will never do acid again. But these are just the vessel to get us to some deep conversations from the likes of Deepak Chopra and Charles Grob. Leading experts sharing how the scientific community and the masses should view psychedelics. These drugs could help make the world a better place and cure some of the most debilitating psychiatric health concerns. Chopra even explains how the use of these drugs has already impacted the world for the better.

A lot of effort has gone into making this thoughtful documentary. In a recent exclusive interview with Bubbleblabber, we discover that Have a Good Trip has been brewing for over a decade. The brainchild of Mike Rosenstein and Donick Cary, the documentary has been a side project for years as the pair interviewed a slew of celebrities. The idea being that having these familiar faces discuss psychedelics openly could help change opinions on a broader scale.

The names and faces that appear in Have a Good Trip are impressive. Ad-Rock, Paul Scheer, Nick Kroll, Sting, Sarah Silverman, Rob Corddry, Lewis Black, David Cross, and Rosie Perez are just a few of the celebrities opening up about their experiences. The film has been in the making for so long that some of these icons have passed since sharing their tales. Yet it is wonderful to see Anthony Bourdain and Carrie Fisher share about their life posthumously. Each of them getting a special shout out in the credits deservedly so.

The comedic tones make this an enjoyable documentary to watch past all of the more in-depth conversations. The animation produced by SugarShack is the ideal accompaniment. Animated with that distinct psychedelic style that was made popular in the 60s, but with modern capabilities is in itself a trip to watch. Many of the stories shared by the celebrities have also been animated to help bring context to their wild adventures. Each of those being a fun ride unto themselves.

Overall, we can only hope that this documentary gains traction on Netflix. There is a strong message hidden within about the potential that psychedelic drugs can offer us. I haven’t dropped acid in ten years, and after the hour-and-a-half film, I am wondering where I can get my hands on some. Besides wanting to hear stories about your favourite celebrities hay-day, there are multiple reasons to watch Have a Good Trip. Whether you have never done drugs before, or you are high on peyote right now, there are some valuable lessons and messages within this very trippy film.


Jesse Bereta

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