Overview (Spoilers Below)
We’re back at the Ivory Quay, but the ancestral homes belonging to the barbarians look quite a bit different than the last time we saw them. Beor O’Shift, Boneweevil, and Lymric O’Shift are joined by D’arcy Carden’s new character that I’m not going to bother to figure out how to spell so she will be known as D’arcy. In any event, they have to fight through a horde of barbarians which is a challenge at first but are aided by freeing other prisoners. We return to the Beast of Beginning where we defeat the now possessed town chief but are given critical damage by the elusive Druid we’ve been seeing sightings from earlier in the show’s season. Everyone’s hurt pretty bad…but will they be ok next time?
Our Take 
While she comes up with a name that has no spelling, D’arcy Carden checks in as the funniest guest character of the season. More like your annoying younger sister than a brute warrior, she sings and dances and heals and then gets her leg taken away for all of her troubles. Fortunately, she helps me forget all about that almost Beor/Lymric hook up from last week and with a couple of episodes left we’re getting into the crux of our ongoing story. Kudos again to Dominic Polcino who has been doing a fantastic job in making sure the animated scenes are just as funny as what’s being said on stage.

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