Review: Harmonquest “Goblopolis Found”


Overview (Spoilers Below)

On this week’s episode of Harmonquest, our team ends up in the goblin city of Goblopolis, a city swarming goblins all guest voiced by the one and only, REGGIE WATTS! It doesn’t take long before the Puppet King shows up to destroy the city and we see Fondu get possessed and subsequently killed during the heat of battle. And while most of the Puppet King’s army is easily slain, it’s his floating gemstone that creates the most problems and decimates Goblopolis. The team reunites with Lymric, and takes off down a narrow passage to escape certain death…until next time!

Our Take

The real star of this week’s episode, other than Reggie Watts, is the exorbitant number of pretzels consumed by show creator Dan Harmon and the aforementioned guest star during the course of this week’s story. Another interesting portion of the episode was the scene where Erin McGathy and Reggie are describing a sequence where one of Reggie’s goblins has his faced buried in Beor’s bosom and we get plenty of discussion about cervixes, double entendre galore, and some subtle exchanges between former hubby/wife duo Dan and Erin. Reggie’s soundtrack provided for loads of laughs, but I’m wondering if more people won’t be talking about the aforementioned Dan/Erin exchange. Watch it and see for yourself of what I mean and let me know if I’m looking TOO much into things, or was there a spark?

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