In Canada and even in some parts of the United States, the discussion around oil pipelines is all the rage on the political front. Essentially it boils down to how convenient do we want it to be to exploit our country of it’s resources to make some extra cash. But the issue of pipelines in the Great White North isn’t what you came here for, but it was a running theme on last night’s Fugget About It. How was the episode? Read on to find out!

In “Layin’ Some Pipeline” Jimmy and Cheech help the premiere of Saskatchewan pass a controversial law that brands anti-oil pipeline protestors as terrorists.

This was a great episode! There have been a few episodes this season that have been lost on me, but don’t count this as one of them. There were a lot of great things to take away from this episode. Firstly, both of the stories this week were really fun and engaging to watch. In the main story, we see Jimmy and Cheech trying to help out Petey and in Cookie’s story we have her basically destroying Gina’s life. Two sides of a caring coin. The contrast in story telling was different, but it kept a running theme.

The stories also felt very current. While this episode probably started production a year ago, pipelines and childhood obesity are issues that most likely won’t be going anywhere soon. They told stories that reflect the issues of our time and that’s important, even for a smaller show like Fugget About It. If somebody happens to catch a rerun of Fugget About It thirty years down the road, they’ll get a glimpse of what we were talking about in 2016.

Almost every character played a pivotal role in this episode. Fugget About It doesn’t waste their talent. Almost every episode has a story that can shine a spotlight on every character. There isn’t a Meg Griffin or Wesley Crusher on this show. Every character is likeable in their own way and contributes to the story.

Where this episode fell a little short was the prison scenes with Petey. They started off really great. It was hilarious seeing Petey take control of the prison over a misunderstanding, but it all unraveled quicker than it came together. It ended up feeling pointless and halted the momentum of the episode.

Overall, this was a great episode. A lot of great character moments, fun stories, a lot of laughs, and stories that touched on important issues. While we usually turn on a show like Fugget About It to escape reality a bit, it’s never a bad idea to shed the light of comedy on things we don’t usually like thinking about it. It can help put things into perspective.