Just when you think you have Fugget About It figured out, they turn the tables and throw something at you that you would have never expected. There are all kinds of stories you could come to expect from Fugget About It, but reading the synopsis of the episode before it aired last night, I was very curious to see what I was in for. I don’t mean to hype up the episode or anything, it isn’t like they rewrote television or anything, but it admittedly did catch me off guard. This is also the long-awaited episode where we finally learn the real name of “Horse”. Fugget About It left it up to the fans to decide what to call this noble steed, they submitted over 600 names, voted, and we have a winner! So how was last night’s episode? Read on to find out!

In “Horse Springs Paternal” Horse gets Jimmy and Cheech’s new racehorse pregnant so they sue McCool. In order to pay the boys back, McCool must track down his deadbeat dad, Staunch McCool.

Horse has always been one of the more overlooked characters. Nobody ever really pays attention to the horse, but this particular horse has always had a personality without saying anything and has been loyal to McCool since the early days of Fugget About It. So, it’s about time Horse finally gets his time in the spotlight. We also come across McCool’s dad, Staunch, who was honestly a bit disappointing for me. He didn’t bring very much to the table that I didn’t expect. He was still fun, but he won’t be a character I’ll miss.

We’ve seen Jimmy and McCool on the same page quite a bit this season, so it was refreshing to put them at odds once again, if only for a little while. They’re two characters that work great as both enemies and friends. Their chemistry shines through no matter the situation.

The story overall in the episode was unique and fresh. It didn’t feel like something we’ve seen from the show before. It started off on a high note and that carried through the first two acts. I wasn’t a fan of the conclusion of the episode, but this is a case of the journey being the meat of the meal.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. We had characters pushed to the forefront that we aren’t used to seeing, we finally learned Horse’s name, we saw tension, we had laughed. While everything in the episode was good, some things just didn’t come together right. Some pieces didn’t seem to fit. Still, this episode brought the laughs, and it did its job right.

Oh, and you want to know Horse’s name? It’s Diefenbaker.

Congratulations to James St-Martin from Sudbury, Ontario! Not only did James submit the winning name, but he also won a pretty sweet trip to Toronto! Read about it here: