Review: Fancy Nancy “Nancy and the Nice List”

Put this one on the nice list.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

In this very special episode of Fancy Nancy, Nancy gets to the rec center to visit Santa and to make sure he knows that she wants a bike for Christmas. However, she leaves a tad concerned about the fact that she may not be on the nice list and, as such, starts to do things around town in an attempt to get on there. One of those things is helping collect cans of food for the local food drive that we come to learn her friend Daisy relies upon. On Christmas Dad, Nancy gets her bike but decides to give it to her new friend instead to make sure that Daisy has the best Christmas ever.

Our Take

For starters, I’m rather impressed with the cast for this show. Rob Riggle voices the dad, Alyson Hannigan is the mother, and then we’ve got the likes of Christine Baranski, Chi McBride, and guest star Darci Lynne Farmer (who is excellent, by the way) as “Daisy”, all of whom but strong performances in. I loved the important moral to the story, however, I think a lot of work could’ve been done in the art department to put this one over. For example, all of the characters look only one generation off from looking like character models from NFL Madden 2001, and I’m not sure we portrayed Daisy’s family as destitute enough to warrant a new bike. The duo appears to live in a rather nice neighborhood, nice enough to leave an expensive bike stranded until Daisy gets a hold of it.

However, the important moral to the story, in that Christmas is more than about presents, is one that is very much needed now more than ever and for that alone should be worth watching with your kids.


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