Review: Family Guy ‘Call Girl’


Spoilers Below

Peter gets a falcon, but he causes all sorts of trouble around ton and as such has it taken away from him followed by a lawsuit.. This causes Lois to find a new job as a call girl that offers phone sex services. Of course this is Quahog and Lois doesnt get any normal clients and this causes Lois to become really run down and not be very intimate with Peter. As a result, Quagmire recommends a phone sex service and yes its the same one Lois works at, which means Peter is having phone sex with his wife.  Lois is hiding the fact that shes a call girl and Peter starts to feel a special connection to her over the phone that he now wants to meet. Quagmire and Joe dont think its a good idea, and Lois talks to Bonnie about it too and she agrees.

Eventually, Peter and the call girl meet up but he can’t go through with hooking up with her. BUT, the call girl comes clean and Peter learns that its Lois and the two make up.


Secretary Chew, Kelly and Peter, Mary Kay. Soup, Pots and Pans, Stewman Group, Geinocologist, Explosive Diahrea, Seat Filler. Anime Peter

Peter and the falcon was probably one of the funniest bits we’ve seen on Family Guy all season. That said, with as good as that was, the meat potato plot known as the ‘Call Girl’ was only alright, providing a lot of tasty bites, but overall I didn’t feel full after eating.  The over riding story line was one we have seen all before where Peter does something wrong, Lois finds out, Peter apologizes and promises to love Lois no matter what. That said, we had a lot of funny cutaways like the Stewman Group, and Anime Peter but I think if the writers just gave Peter the falcon and ran with it, we could have seen a one of a kind episode. Unfortunately, someone should have called this one off.

(7.0 out of 10)

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