Review: Family Guy “Bigfat”


Spoilers Below

After having a crazy nightmare that saw Peter getting shot in the stomach after discovering his neighbor’s alien named Roger, and waking up in a strange bedroom. After hearing all about the nude bars, Quagmire, Peter, and Joe decide to go to Canada on John Travolta’s private plane with Quags at the helm.  But, like normal Peter does something silly and he gets the plane crashed in the middle of nowhere.  Normal camp logic ensues with the guys needing to find food, shelter, and trying to get something to eat. Again, Peter’s stupidity shows up as he gets Quagmire’s legs broken. As a result, Peter is the only one that can walk to find help. Over the next two months, Quagmire and Joe get out almost right away, but they find out that Peter is lost in the woods. They do find the fat bastard, but Peter’s turned into almost a neanderthal.

The Griffins have to work together to get him back, and they happen to find tapes that are supposed to help Peter but they don’t.  Glen and Joe come by, and with Brian they decide to release Peter back into the wild, but a simple ‘Shut Up, Meg’ gets him back in the game! Peter’s back to normal, and yes the guys make it to the Canadian strip club.

Cutaway Gags

Pope mail, King of the Hill intro, Quagmire in France, Canada Nude Bars, In your direction, Stabbed in the Butt, Davy Crockett, Predator Farts, Peter at the Beach, Mr. Mom, Curling, Tom Hanks in Castaway, Impressionable, Long Sheet, Inspector Gadget

By far, one of the better Family Guys of the season, and the show needed this one pretty bad. There were SO many great jokes tonight that I felt like I was playing against Chris Davis as he was launching homers against me. You had the King of the Hill/ American Dad cross overs, but you also had a South Park zinger thrown in there for good measure. REALLY GUYS! THIIIS LONNNG TO SAYY SOMETHING!  We had a BUNCH of stellar cutaways tonight, but despite the fact that they were brilliant, I thought we had one TOO many as I though Peter being reaclimated to society was rushed as a result. Now since I mentioned cutaways, as mentioned they were great! We had FUCKING PREDATOR, Pope Mail, Tom Hanks getting head from Wilson, and Inspector Gadget! We also had some great stuff thrown in the ingredients bowl like Peter’s Al Qaeda monkey bars insult and his shoot on the Ivy League professors. This was a pretty great episode, and the writers need more like this!

9 out of 10

John Schwarz

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