Review: Family Guy “Passenger Fatty Seven”

Looooong waaay doooooowwwwn.

Spoilers Below

This week’s new Family Guy, “Passenger Fatty Seven” was a definite win. The intro jokes were really great, and they segued into the main story, about Quagmire using his “friends and family” flying privileges to take Peter, Joe and Cleveland to San Francisco. The wives want to go on vacation too, but Peter takes their cab.

The San Francisco parts were really hilarious- they all got lesbian haircuts and ran around San Fran. However, on the flight back to Quahog, things turn bad as European (we think– their ethnicity isn’t clear) hijackers take over the plane.
Of course, Joe and Cleveland hatch a plan- Peter is grabbed and threatened by the hijackers to try and get Quagmire out of the cabin, and so Joe and Cleveland head below to try and find Joe’s gun. A pretty great fight scene ensues, on the landing gear, and then the confrontation happens with the rest of the hijackers.
There are lots of twists and turns in this episode– just when you think everyone’s safe, there’s more danger! Of course, all the guys’ families are worried at home– they’re watching the news of the hijacking as it happens. There is a really funny bit where Lois imagines what would happen if they all lost their husbands– Golden Girls style.
At the end of “Passenger Fatty Seven” all is well and resolved– we didn’t see much of the rest of the families this week, but I feel like this was definitely one of the best episodes this season so far. And the episode was dedicated to Carrie Fisher, who we lost last year. She voices Family Guy characters regularly (Peter’s boss Angela) so this is especially sad. It’s also pretty surprising FOX didn’t pull this episode after the recent shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport.
All in all, however, this week’s Family Guy was immensely enjoyable, and a great start to the series again here in 2017. Here’s to hoping there’s a lot more where this came from!

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