Review: Family Guy “Hot Pocket-Dial”


Spoilers Below

After nearly killing himself with a toothpick, Peter and Lois leave a pleasant dinner with Quagmire and Ida and head home to relieve Carter of his baby-sitting duties. Just as Lois decides to shit her dinner out, Peter gets a voicemail pocket-dialed by Quagmire pretty much admitting that Quagmire is in love with Lois and he wants her more than anything.

Brian convinces Peter to not even bring it up with Quagmire, and instead Lois throws a cook out and invites all of the neighborhood over including Quagmire and Ida. Too bad that lasts all of 10 seconds and a big fist fight ensues between Peter and Quagmire that ruins the cook out. Lois doesn’t seem to mind, but Quagmire decides to move out of Quahog.

Lois decides that she has had enough, so she takes Peter to Glen’s new place and convinces everyone that people say shit and it isn’t always true, so no one should take anything said seriously. Glen moves back, and rejoins the gang at the Clam.

Cutaway Gags

Pheasant on the Glass, You the new kid?, Fish Counter, Chris in Surgery, Meg ruined broccoli, Cleveland’s not a good friend, Songs in Musicals, Stewie in Tampa Bay, Quagmire Grandma’s Funeral, Quagmire Shamed, Dateline, Joe Para-sailing, Auschwitz

Our Take

Quagmire having a crush on Lois has gone on for a long time, and quite honestly, I always thought was an enjoyable long-standing gag for the fans of the series, like me, that have been watching Family Guy for its entire run. Whether or not tonight’s episode is a nail in that coffin remains to be seen, but one thing is clear, this week’s episode was a bit of a letdown.

When I first saw the previews indicating that Ida was going to be in the episode, I was pumped because usually episodes with her in it are hilarious. Unfortunately, Ida was merely a cameo. We also got ANOTHER week in a row of The Cleveland Show family, alas really just cameos. And then there was the possibility that Quagmire and Peter were going to get into a big scuffle! This would’ve been awesome due to the fact that both characters have been in some of my favorite fights in the last decade or so like when Quagmire fought Brian or the numerous chicken fights with Peter.

Also a letdown. The cutaway gags weren’t enough to keep me glued in to give a whole shit about a plot that has been somewhat played out for a while, but I am seeing strands of hope for a brighter future from this show, just not tonight.


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