Review : Family Guy “Dearly Deported” / “A House Full of Peters”

Wait until you try and figure this one out.

Some Spoilers Below

This week’s season finale of the 15th Family Guy season was actually a two-fer. I thought maybe the two episodes would be connected, but actually, they were both totally separate, standalone episodes– but they were both actually really interesting and pretty great in their own right.

I was actually thinking from trailers that the plots of these two episodes looked so familiar from past Family Guy (and Simpsons) episodes. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I laughed at these two new episodes– especially the first one.

The first episode, my favorite of the two, was “Dearly Deported”. The episode dealt with Chris falling for a Mexican girl who has kids. I haven’t laughed this much at a Family Guy episode in a WHILE. The jokes were really funny, and they just kept coming.
There was a part of a book with jokes for Mexican names, a Mind of Mencia mention, and plenty of weird sex stuff, as usual. Plus, a dig at Philadelphia. And Chris kept doing these cartwheels…it was an episode with a ton of odd jokes and physical comedy (which is always a win).
Brian actually ends up being the voice of reason several times in “Dearly Deported”, as the political jokes flow and Chris tries to do the right thing for the kids.
The second episode this week was “A House Full of Peters”. It wasn’t as funny as “Dearly Deported”, but definitely had a lot of funny spots too. Some serious weirdness goes on as Peter meets a lot of kids that are his, from when he made a lot of deposits at the sperm bank.
The ending of this episode was really odd– it just kind of trailed off. We did have some funny stuff from the wives at the outset of the story– prank calls made by Lois and Donna and Bonnie to their husbands.
Overall, two pretty great episodes– there are always some jokes that are missing (suicide and fat jokes are never funny to me) but everything else worked pretty well and the gross or weird stuff is always welcomed– better that than unfunny dullness. There were even a cutaway or two that worked well, and didn’t feel forced or throw away! That’s it for this season of Family Guy— psyched for season 16!

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