Review: Family Guy “Brokeback Swanson”

What the hell is this?

Spoilers Below

Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire begin avoiding Joe when he becomes a quadriplegic due to a bull attack following them taking part in the Running of the Bulls. Bonnie takes off without so much as  handshake leaving Peter and the guys to be Joe’s lone caretakers.

The guys grow weary of waiting on Joe so they decide to send him to a State Home. When Lois finds out about what Peter did, she convinces him to get Joe out of the State Home. When the guys try to call Dr. Hartman for a release, we find out that the Dr. had dropped his phone in Joe’s back causing the paralysis. Joe gets it fixed, and Peter has a story to tell.

Meanwhile, after Brian sleeps with a married woman named Torrie, he pretends to be her new dog to avoid the ire of her husband. The whole deal is a ruse so that Brian and this lady can continue to fool around behind the Navy Seal husband’s back. Eventually, Brian grows tired of the charade and tries to escape, but this guy has no interest in letting his dog loose. Worse yet, Torrie leaves her husband, but Stewie shows up and agrees to help.

Stewie gets the help of Chris and Joe Biden to help convince the Navy Seal to return Brian to the Griffins.


Seriously Wicked Bull Run, Stewie at a Restaurant, Claw Machine, Daft Punk, Dinosaur, Hogwarts, Baseball Announcer, Peter’s back rubs

Our Take

Slowly but surely, Family Guy is starting to return to form. Cleveland is starting to become a bigger part of the show which I hope continues to expand. And how about that ending with Peter beating the shit out of the kids? It’s been a while since Peter’s been in a good fight (my count, the Simpsons crossover), and for some reason the closing song seemed like a trick from the old-school show bag.

The one spot that didn’t seem strong this week was probably the cutaways, but to be perfectly honest I thought the show was so funny that they really didn’t need them. The ones that stand out for me including the Joe Buck guest-spot and the Daft Punk Grammy. Oh, by the way, Peter found an enemy for that Backdraft slant!


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