Review: Family Guy – “A Shot in the Dark”

Spoilers Below

Peter decides to air out his couch after a late night romp with Lois by bringing it outside and later drinking on it with his friends. Thinking they lived in a safe enough neighborhood, Peter doesn’t retrieve the couch by nightfall; which results in the theft of it. In response to this, he and the gang form a community watch group. After a few seconds of off-screen time, Peter reappears with guns-in-hand and a thirst for vengeance.
During their first watch, Peter comes across a dark figure that appears to be breaking into a house via the window. After a verbal warning and no response, Peter fires his weapon and strikes the individual in the arm. Upon further inspection, it turns out to be Cleveland Jr.
At the hospital, there are arguments over why Peter shot Cleveland Jr. Donna stamps Peter as a racist, but Peter denounces that statement by telling her that he, “would shoot anyone.” Cleveland appears on television and announces to the world that he believes Peter committed a hate crime. After some careful consideration, Peter goes to Lois with an idea on how to fix things. Lois loses her cool faster than an ice cube in the Sahara.
During a ridiculous chain of accidents, Peter ends up throwing a Molotov cocktail through Cleveland’s window and setting his house of fire. He is arrested and brought to jail for the attempted murder of Cleveland Jr., because of the shift of public opinion and not because of evidence.
Carter comes to lawyer Peter up. Here, we can highlight the difference between how Peter and Carter treat race. His lawyer berates Cleveland Jr. and slanders him into being considered a thug.
This episode highlights the extremes people will go to when it comes to race. Peter will go to any lengths to prove he isn’t a racist, but has a difficult time achieving it because he doesn’t know the correct way to go about it. Meanwhile, Cleveland’s family just wants someone to accept responsibility.
It’s an awkward time to live in when Family Guy conveys more valuable life lessons than 94% of the 2016 presidential candidates.

Solid episode with solid jokes.


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