Rafe has grown himself a pair of boobs. While uncertain if he has begun to mutate, he has gained a lot of attention. Besides his friends, former enemy, Mason Lawless, also becomes intrigued by Rafe’s newest additions. The villain propositions Rafe in exchange for some much-needed medical supplies for the town. But Rafe is not so certain about selling his body.

Meanwhile back at the bunker, Judith discovers that she has a guest of the haunted variety. While she tries to capture the spirit through superstitious means, AENUS tries a more scientific approach. Though they may both be in for a surprise.


Our Take:

Subtly and unexpectedly, Doomsday Brothers just dropped one of its most interesting episodes yet. Which is also starting to become a theme for the show. After a couple of episodes, you start to think this series is falling into formulaic routines. Then they will put in episode out that hints at something much larger, and it changes the game.  

That is the luxury of having an inaugural 18-episode season to play around with. And we have a long way to go with “Dude Kinda Looks Like a Lady” only clocking in as episode nine.  

One of the biggest criticisms about Doomsday Brothers thus far has been that the jokes tend to pull their punches. The series to dances along the line of controversial and inappropriate without ever crossing over.

Thankfully, this episode was the one to push Doomsday Brothers’ boundaries a little further. Giving Rafe a pair of sweater hams for the cast to joke about was a much-needed relief from the constant masturbation jokes. But the way the plot was handled to the end was one of the show’s most disturbing moments so far.

Even more exciting is the development of Judith’s ongoing plot.

The main character’s mother has been trapped in a bunker since the series premiered. Thus far, her constant escape attempts have taken up half of the show. Disappointingly, it never leads anywhere, and the themes have become repetitive. 

Things may change for Judith sooner than expected. The introduction of a new character into her isolated world offers hope for a larger story. And that is confirmed with the closing scene of the episode hinting at a new antagonist for Judith and her AI host.

It is an exciting direction for her character as the show bides their time for an eventual reunion between the mother and sons. I mean, Judith must be in the show for a larger purpose than what we have seen thus far.

This was one of the better episodes that have been released this season. It validates that there are big plans for the overall story, while simultaneously delivering a humorous and slightly disturbing story about a man growing boobs. What’s not to like?

Honestly, this series gets better the more that you watch. The ambitious 18-episode season will likely be very impressive when complete, with laughs the whole way through. But it is also fun to watch the series unfold week-by-week. You never know what to expect, and the world keeps getting bigger.


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