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Verses from the Bible are played to insane psychedelic imagery. Symbolism??? Irony???


Growing up in Reform Judaism, I never had much reason to read dive into the bible, Old Testament or new, but I’ve had plenty of moments throughout my life as examples that show that some things in the bible just don’t make sense. This seems to be ultimate objective of this show, to simply read off verses verbatim (as far as I know), made sure to choose the weirdest ones, and then give them either the most appropriate or most crazy visualizations. Sometimes those two overlap, and sometimes it’s solidly on one or the other, but every single segment is pretty much pure insanity. Not much of a surprise coming from a studio like PFFR, who seems to be dipping into their Xavier: Renegade Angel/Shivering Truth drugs to make this show. Though I have to question if maybe, with this religious text made into a supposedly accurate portrayal…if that wasn’t the point?

As I mentioned, my life and likely the lives of many who aren’t devout believers have likely been filled with reasons to not believe in the idea of a higher power in control of things. Some of those reasons, as it turns out, sometimes tend to come from actually READING the bible itself, which I feel like might be the purpose of this series/short. It’s basically taking these verses and portraying them as straight as is possible, which still makes some feel like living fever dreams and others like massively disturbed erotica. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past some people to see this show as another reason TO believe in these sorts of things out of sheer defiance. I am also now realizing how hard it is to not talk about my stance on religion when the whole point of this show is to possibly make fun of that religion and maybe religion in general.

Part of me wonders if this was meant as a pilot for an ongoing series. I can’t imagine they have a shortage of bible verses to pick from, so they could probably make at least one full season out of this type of format. But it also just might be TOO WEIRD to keep doing this for ten more episodes, so I’m ultimately mixed on whether or not this should continue. If they wanted people to know that religion is weird itself, then point definitely made, but after that? Guess we’ll have to pray on it.

David Kaldor

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