Review: Crank Yankers “Brian Posehn, Nick Kroll & David Alan Grier”

OVERVIEW (recap of sketches)

Brian Posehn in “The Password is ‘Crab Rangoon’”

Brian accidentally shares the password to something secret with the wrong person.



David Alan Grier in “Elderly Fight Club”

Landalius Trufell attempts to recruit seniors for an elderly fighting league.



Nick Kroll in “French Circus”

Pier tries getting a job as a human inflatable arm flailing man.



Other sketches:
Mikey Day in “Larry’s Specialty Meats”, Jimmy Kimmel in “Terrance Facetimes a Foreskin Facialist”, Heidi Gardner in “I Won the Raffle”, Punkie Johnson in “Butt Bugs”

BEST SKETCH: Brian Posehn in “The Password is ‘Crab Rangoon’”
WORST SKETCH: Nick Kroll in “French Circus”

David Kaldor

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