Review: Corner Gas Animated “Spy Me To The Moon”

If you want to see the most awkward non-date ever, this episode is for you.


Lacey is interested in checking out the blue moon and Brent agrees to join her to research werewolves, of course. After everybody turns down their invite in fear of becoming the third wheel, it becomes clear to both of them that they may be sharing a date. Things get romantic in the moonlight as they enjoy a picnic by candlelight. But, is the heavy romance enough to bring these two star-crossed lovers together at last?
Meanwhile, Oscar is acting completely out of character as he treats Emma extra-special. Hank is convinced that Oscar has been replaced by an evil alien. Yet, it turns out, that Oscar goes above and beyond each blue moon because that is when Emma’s father passed away. When Emma catches wind of this she tries to take advantage.

Our Take:

All of these years, you think by now that Brent and Lacey would have found a connection. I mean, it is not like there are many eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in Dog River, Saskatchewan. Although, it would be highly disappointing for long-time fans of this title if they had finally connected on the animated series of all places. So, despite the romance, it was evident that the pair would not share that highly anticipated moment. If it was ever to happen, it would have been in the film, so, unfortunately, we will never see the love come to fruition.
I was a big fan of Brent’s original purpose for joining Lacey under the moonlight. I have mentioned a few times that my favourite part of this animated reimagining of the classic Canadian sitcom was that they could manage scenes that budget held the original program back from showing. The intros to most of the episodes of the animated series involve some sort of crazy moment of imagination. This episode went above and beyond with Brent’s thoughts on a “super blood harvest eclipse” and how that would impact a werewolf. It really is something to think about.
While we never got to see that magic moment, we did get to see something that has never happened in Corner Gas history, Oscar was nice. It’s not a good colour on him. But, that may be one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. A grumpy old man going out of his way to being extra sweet to his partner on this one random night of the year because she lost her father. And she didn’t even know. D’aww that is absolutely heart-melting. Sorry, if I’m being a bit sappy in this review, it’s not my fault, it’s the episode theme I swear. I’m not crying, you are.
Actually, the episode was a bit of a disappointment. There were a couple of other storylines involving a heist for a book, and an alien conspiracy that is hardly worth mentioning because they felt like filler. Can you imagine that? The heist and conspiracy were second hands to the mushy love plots. What kind of world is this? I feel like I am repeating myself each week about how this show has too much going on per episode. But, this one went too far. Honestly, I would have had more fun if Hank or Brent had joined Wanda on her mission to break into the police station. Instead, we got a show that lacked humour for a romance that will never blossom.



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