Review: Corner Gas Animated “Snake and Eggs”




Brent and Lacey have Hank doing some dirty work to pay off his extraordinary tab. However, when Hank is cleaning out the gutters, he discovers a nest full of eggs. The shop owners decide to take advantage of the find and have Hank set up a live feed webcam. The only problem is, when Hank looks closer, he realizes the eggs are golf balls. Deciding to hide the truth backfires when he hides the truth, and everyone thinks he is stupid.

Meanwhile, Oscar is sure that he has seen a snake in the backyard. Shaken with fear, Emma and Wanda try to help the old man get over his nightmares. Unfortunately, their assistance turns dangerous when there is news of an escaped convict in Dog River.


Our Take:

Through four seasons of Corner Gas Animated, we have learned a lot about the writing process behind the series. Brent Butt has stated in exclusive Bubbleblabber interviews that much of the storylines come from the episode titles themselves. Usually, an episode is given a clever pun title, followed by the plot being worked around making the wordplay work. So, it is safe to say that this latest piece was undoubtedly going to include snakes and also eggs.

The fun of Corner Gas comes from the ridiculous events the story puts its characters through. And this episode utilizes the core strategies of the franchise masterfully. Truthfully, this was one of the best-written episodes of the animated series that uses the same traditional formula.

The set-up takes some time, as this episode moves slowly through establishing the plot. Finding a snake and a bird’s nest may seem like big news in Small Town, Saskatchewan, but it does not make great prime-time television. Mercifully, the multiple plots slowly become more convoluted, adding much more depth.

At times Corner Gas Animated suffers from its simplicity in becoming predictable. But each of the three plots takes some unique turns to keep audiences on their toes. Specifically when there is some discrepancy involving the realness of Hank’s egg discovery. But, equally, when Wanda’s meddling in Oscar’s snake fears becomes problematic.

Undoubtedly, the best editions of this series involve divided plots converging for a surprise conclusion. No, this piece does not end with a reveal that the eggs belonged to snakes. Actually, the twist at the end of this one is much more entertaining than that.  For that matter, all the plots wrap up with a bang.  And it makes the slow start all that much more satisfying.

It is still early on for season four of Corner Gas Animated. However, this is arguably the show’s award-winning episode of the year. The series traditionally cleans up as seemingly the only viable nominee for animated comedy at the annual Canadian Screen Awards. But this twisty little episode introduces a different caliber of writing that we have yet to see from the animated adaptation. Even if a nomination meets no competition, it is more deserving than ever.