When the toaster breaks down at The Ruby, Karen and Wanda help Lacey by fixing it up themselves. However, when they turn their sights on the heirloom milkshake machine, things get haywire. Though, the malfunction may not be their fault.

Hank is plotting out his next big movie idea and enlists Davis to help him with a finale. Although Davis discovers the main character of the movie is a valuable action figure, he tries to convince Hank to drop him from the film.

Meanwhile, Emma is throwing out her best impression of Oscar, but it is not landing for anyone. To make it worse, his own half-hearted impression of her has everyone in hysterics. Thankfully, Brent is willing to coach his mother with a few tips on mimicking his father.


Our Take:

Corner Gas Animated rolled into its fourth and final season last week with plenty of exciting promises for this last batch of episodes. The premiere held up with ambitious plots and a great special guest. 

But for this follow-up, it was much more back to the basics for Corner Gas. No need for anything flashy or big names to carry it along. This episode was driven by humorous storylines and witty dialogue.

As far as what we have seen out of Corner Gas in the last couple of years, this episode’s plot could be considered broken. Three unconnected plots competing for airtime, with nothing to tie them together in a theme. 

It is the exact type of episode that was frustrating through the first couple of seasons. Especially when some of the storylines felt like a placeholder to assure the entire cast made an appearance.

Thankfully, with a few years under their belt, this disconnected episode managed to hold down the fort. And it is mostly thanks to the level of humour that each of the stories held on their own.

Arguably, the main plot is the least impactful. With Lacey’s toaster no longer toasting, Wanda and Karen help her fix it. The story is simple and straightforward but does not lead to too much of anything. Additionally, the idea that women are next to incapable of fixing anything themselves is dangerously sexist in these modern times.

Reversely, this episode managed to deliver something fans are always clamouring for, more Hank. Hank stole the show from his first moment on screen when he described his idea for Reverse Spider-Man, a spider bitten by a radioactive man. From there, he delivered a constant stream of ridiculous movie ideas each better than the last. And with Davis adding his two cents, this was some of the best Corner Gas content since the original series.

The third plot could be considered filler, offering Oscar and Emma have some screen time. Although, the disagreement between the two showcased their relationship at their most entertaining, vicious, cruel, and relentless. So, even if it is shoehorned in, it was the best possible outcome.

Structurally, this episode was far from being the best Brent Butt and company can deliver. Thankfully, there were enough laughs to make it of thoroughly enjoyable. With there certain to be some big episodes coming to finish the franchise, this simple comedic episode was a breath of fresh air and a reminder of what we love from the series.


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