Davis is heading up Dog River’s new amateur rugby team and he wants Brent to join. The non-athletic Brent only agrees if he can write the team chant. Though, he might have a change of heart when he sees the competition.

Meanwhile, Hank and Karen are craving a decent pizza since there is no pizza place in town. They manage to convince Lacey to make a couple of pies for them. But as soon as the town catches wind of the new menu item Lacey gets overwhelmed.


Our Take:

The latest episode of Corner Gas Animated introduces the town of Dog River to a couple of new exciting things. For one, Davis has brought in some much-needed sports by launching a new rugby team. But on a more serious note, this rural village has been going without fast-food pizza for far too long.

Could you imagine living in a town where you could not order a decent pizza? The poor citizens of Dog River have been suffering. It should be required that any township with its own police force must have at least one pizzeria. It is only basic human rights. Even more surprising is that Lacey has not capitalized on this blatantly absent food group up until now. And even in this episode she not entirely on board. And it is hard to imagine that Brent has not made a stink about this before.

This episode showcases the horrors of what can happen when a town doesn’t have pizza. Karen thinks it should have a balsamic reduction and Hank misses the concept entirely opting for Kraft Dinner and ketchup. We need to save rural Canadian towns and deliver some meat lovers out there.

Getting back to the review, this episode brought in a couple of fresh cameos to add to the growing list of Canadian celebrities to appear in Corner Gas. Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole of Sportcentre’s Jay and Dan make a unique appearance as two buff rugby players. The pair delivered one of the best guest appearances shaking their characters up to be overly religious fans of Oscar’s stories.

Making their appearance even funnier was the extremely horny version of Wanda. Who besides daydreaming about the two men, ends up going to great lengths to get them into her house. This made for a side of Wanda that we do not get to see that often, and I for one think it was some of her best moments.

Completely out-of-character for the show in general, this episode managed to break the fourth wall twice. Once while promoting the streaming service Crave, of which Corner Gas Animated is currently available. And later concluding the episode in a strange way that Oscar comments on. I cannot think of another example in Corner Gas franchise history where the show has accepted that it is fiction. Please correct me if I am wrong. But this is another example of the show settling into its new cartoon media.

This was a fun little episode. Maybe not as ambitious as some of the ones that we have seen this season, but just as strong. There were many clever jokes and one-liners, which are the backbone of the series. And the cameos added a lot to the humour instead of just appearing.


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