“The MiSFIT”

In order to recruit 11-year-old child prodigy Rishi Patel, Professor Granville enlists Hiro to give him a tour of SFIT, only for Noodle Burger Boy to try and interfere with Hiro’s plans…

Return to Sycorax”

When Mr. Krei is lost in the old Sycorax building, the heroes must search the abandoned monster factory to find both him and his assistant.

Our Take

For the former episode, the MiSFIT is a clever play on words, but much of the humor and storytelling come from this relatively new character Rishi Patel who comes across as a rebellious hacker genius, but in a weird way, it also gives Hiro some self-reflection in the person he once was during the early events of the original film. But by the end, Rishi is put on a defining path that could potentially change his life.

For “Return to Syncorax” Hijinx ensues during a rescue mission when Fred Fredrickson basically behaves like he’s Shaggy from Scooby-Doo with his excessive appetite for Mexican fast-food which turns out to have hilarious consequences near the end of the episode. At least the pacing, action, and comedic twist at the end we’re all well-executed.

Overall both were passable episodes that delivered in laughs while giving moments of introspection for both Hiro and Fred in different ways. For Hiro, he learns how much he’s grown on a mature level, while Fred learns the value of eating healthy despite hilarious evidence to the ending’s contrary.

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