Review: Marvel Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest “Bashenga”


Things get interesting…FAST!

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s episode we get to hang out with the original Black Panther, Bashenga and the Lioness herself, his twin sister Bast. This time out, we get to check out the early origins of Wakanda including the discovery of vibranium uncovered from an asteroid that has made landfall. Also among the wreckage is a powerful core, capable of giving those who touch it powers of unseen nature. This core is what is eventually fused to the crown we have today. Turns out, people can get trapped in this crown, and T’Challa does as well. Also in attendance inside the crown, Bast aaaannndd…..CAPTAIN AMERICA! When T’Challa snaps out of his coma, he brings back with him Cap and Bast. This Bast is no joke, neither, with the powers of the core, she nearly takes Bashenga to the brink with vibranium being the only real threat against the aforementioned core. We’ll learn next week what ramifications will come with Cap and Bast being back.

Our Take

Trippy sequences galore, it seems as though these producers know exactly when there’s gonna be a bit of a break because whenever one is on the horizon they put out some quality stuff. “Bashenga’ is a strong episode with a compelling wrap of the “Cap being missing arc” all the while giving us a bunch of insight on the crown and the implications of its potential power for the rest of the season. Granted, some of the choreography and action sequences are a tad hokey, but overall this is one of the stronger episodes of the season.



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