Review: Avengers Assemble: Black Panther’s Quest “Mists of Attilan”

This thing is barely holding on.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s episode of Black Panther’s Quest sees an early confrontation with Crossbones that ends quickly and rather uneventful, however, it leads to a trip to Attilan and a dinner with Ms. Marvel, Black Bolt, Medusa, and Crystal. Black Panther wants access to a special artifact that his grandfather left here that the Inhumans swore to protect, but the king wants it back and he’ll go to whatever means necessary. When Panther does get the artifact, he and Marvel are trapped by Zanda posing as Crystal and as such, they have to break out of their confinement, get the key back, and make amends with Bolt and Medusa. But, not before learning that Zanda is on the Shadow Council.

Our Take

Having Crossbones appear on the episode seems somewhat nonsensical, and the character design is truly bad. But, this might have been the most serviceable representation of the Inhumans that has ever been done. For some reason, the animated world is just fine with working with the characters that only got famous because Marvel couldn’t profit from the X-Men anymore, and that has shown both here as well as the Marvel Rising series that features Lockjaw among the roster. For whatever reason, The Inhumans never could work in live-action.

They work here, even if the plot is starting to come apart due to the fact that we now have learned that there are multiple pieces of this Wakandan crest, which really, is just the latest in a long line of Marvel animated plot devices that usually figure around some trinket or whatever to make this thing move for 25 episodes. Guardians of the Galaxy did it, now Black Panther is doing it, and we really don’t know why. The only joy I’m getting out of the show is that we get some seldom used characters like Zanda, even if her shape-shifting abilities are complete horseshit to her comic origins and I’m not happy with the way the series has portrayed Dora Milaje up until this point, blatantly serving the prominent movie character as little more of a cameo.


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