Review: Archer: 1999 “Robert De Niro”




Archer is on trial after his attempted murder of Lana in the previous episode.  Though, he is still convinced that the whole world he is living in is not reality.  Unfortunately, all the evidence is well stacked against him.  But, the proceedings are interrupted when the ship is attacked by none other than Barry-6.

With enemies boarding the ship, the only option is to fight for their survival, and they are going to need Archer to do it.  He leads the crew to the holodeck and takes them to a virtual western world.  When Barry-6 sets the ship to self-destruct, Archer sends the everyone off on the escape pod while he has a final showdown versus his old enemy.

When the ship explodes with him on it, Archer experiences visions of his eventful life.  To conclude a ten season run, Archer finally awakens from a coma that he has been suffering from for three years.


Our Take:

What an incredible run that show creator Adam Reed has put into this series-  ten incredible seasons that have spanned time and space.  Though he assures that he will still be playing a minimal role in the series going further, this was his chance to say goodbye.  And, he did so in style.  In fact, there are a few minutes of montage footage compiling clips from the entire shows run.  Watching the amount of adventure we have been through, there is no doubt that this creator poured a lot of love into his series.

Beyond that, a couple of long-running themes were able to be wrapped up.  Most importantly, with a couple of Archer’s relationships.  While things are still up in the air with Lana and Archer’s possible child, this episode puts down that this was never their story.  The true story has always been between Archer and his mother.  Which makes sense considering their trials and growth together.  But, it is all so heartwarming when in the final moments we discover that Malory has hardly left his side in the three years that he has been unconscious.

Another relationship that reaches an epic conclusion is the rivalry between Archer and Barry.  Barry finally opens up about why he has been obsessed with destroying the main character.  It turns out Archer slept with his wife years ago, and I suppose, put his finger up her butthole.  Barry kind of gets his revenge when he blows up Archer and his spaceship.  Too bad that was all just a vision, and their real final showdown may still yet happen.

There are still many questions left open for this series to continue for a long time- or at least another season.  Adam Reed may have had his goodbye with wrapping this season up, but there are still many others attached to this series that have an equal amount of love to pour into it.  There is a lot to look forward to, and everything should be returning to the status quo in the show come next year.

I don’t want to get into the season as a whole here, but you can look forward to a full season review in the coming week.  This episode on its own has two parts.  The first is the conclusion to the team’s space adventure, and it ends with a bang.  The other half is Adam Reed’s heartfelt goodbye and handing the reigns off for the future of the show.  Both were great on their own, and the transition between was surprisingly smooth.  It was an entertaining way to wrap up not only the season but the series as it has been thus far.  We’ll be looking forward to what comes next.




Jesse Bereta

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