Review: Archer: 1999 “Cubert”

Who knows who is losing their minds anymore?


Archer and crew come across a mysterious material lost in space.  Nicknamed “Cubert,” tests prove that the object is of no threat to the ship, so obviously, they bring it on board.  After nearly killing Cheryl the supernatural material vanishes.  As the crew splits up to search the vessel, Archer begins to see strange visions.  He starts to lose his mind as the crew doesn’t seem to remember Cubert at all.  He ends up being locked in the brig by the end of the episode after nearly killing Lana.


Our Take:

Much to the delight of fans, and us here at Bubbleblabber, it was officially announced on the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con that Archer would be returning for another season next year.  With show creator, Adam Read, previously announcing his intentions to move on from the series, it’s future was in question.  However, not only will Archer be back for season eleven, Reed will still be involved, if only in a limited capacity.  As exciting as the news is, it makes these last couple of episodes of the year bittersweet.  This season-ending two-parter may very well be the last ever to be written by Reed himself.  Might as well enjoy it.

A significant theme to Archer: 1999 has been approaching all of the classic sci-fi clichés, and the conclusion is going to be no different.  The mysterious box, hilariously nicknamed “Cubert”, is reminiscent of something that would wreak havoc on the Enterprise.  Further, having it be the trigger for Archer losing his marbles is just as predictable, but in that lovable way that this show always pulls off.  Most interesting is how this cliché is being utilized to unveil where the series is going in the future.

It is easy to predict what will happen from the end of this episode going forward.  The entire season ten is most likely a delusion of Archer.  The appearance of the remaining cast in their more well-known wardrobe is the significant clue to this.  The other big thing would be Archer’s insistence on not returning to Earth over the rest of the season.  As much as I call it predictable, there is no episode to be excited for more than the upcoming season finale.  How we take Archer from lockup in a spaceship in the middle of nowhere back to his home is sure to play out in a big way.

There was the most obscure reference in this episode that I feel it deserves mention, if only because it’s hilarious.  And, when I say obscure, I mean “TV’s Michael Grey”.  If you know who Michael Grey is, then you are a much bigger nerd than myself, because I had to Google it.  Turns out, that Michael Grey was the original Shazam, appearing as Billy Batson in the 1972 television series.  Out of all the references and figures to use, why they would pull out TV’s Michael Grey, is anyone’s guess, but it’s brilliant in its randomness.

As we approach the conclusion of Archer’s time in space, it’s tough to see it go.  The transition of these characters into this setting has been so flawless it’s hard to believe that this hasn’t been the status quo for much longer.  Added to that is Adam Reed’s personal journey coming to an end as well.  It seems to all be culminating for an unforgettable finale.  There was no seeing this episode coming, until about halfway through when it took a robust turnaround.  Big twists make for big stories, and this one delivered.  There is one thing for sure, it’s going to be a fun season finale.

Jesse Bereta

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