Review: Apple & Onion “Pat on the Head; Falafel’s Glory”


“Pat on the Head”

Due to a hypnotist accident where Onion now thinks he’s a muscular nature survivalist, Apple must un-hypnotize Onion before they can cook for a very important guest…The Queen of England!

“Falafel’s Glory”

Apple & Onion must win a trivia game with Falafel’s help to get the world’s largest meatball within Pizza’s restaurant. 

Our Take

During the proceedings of “Pat on the Head”, it was filled with some wacky moments mostly involving wild animals, but strangely this episode also establishes that normal animals co-exist within this universe full of sentient food-people. Heck, I think they even aimed for accuracy that the Queen of England has a small Corgi pet too. What happens much, later on, was also pretty funny regarding how Apple manages to help Onion’s situation through some unpredictable means…

As for the latter episode, “Falafel’s Glory”, this was very Falafel-focused as much of the plot relied on the duo helping him regain his sense of pride as the contest got progressively intense through the cliche contrived storytelling of him facing his rival who’s quite a despicable fellow, but the episode ended on a bittersweet yet hilariously note for the two.

Overall both episodes were watchable and managed to deliver in laughs.

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