Review: Animals “The Democratic People’s Republic of Kitty City.”


Pretty kitty?

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The Democratic People’s Republic of Kitty City aka The DPRKC, as you may have guessed, is a part of the New New York City that’s a little more North Korea than anything else you’d see in downtown. The area is segmented off and even requires a sort of an escort to get you around. In the case of Mike and Phil, two rats on a peacekeeping mission, the opportunity is just too good to pass up for the kitty cats who want nothing more than to eat the two little rodents whom barely make it out of there without a scratch. Fortunately, they return to this burgeoning council featuring reps from the different animal factions and come up with a new idea for a peacekeeping mission…Roachella.

Our Take

While I would’ve liked to have seen more effort into putting additional voices in this week’s episode, in that, creators Mike and Phil had to voice 3/4’s of the voice cast, hearing Bob Balaban get all bent out of shape over a Spongebob Squarepants squabble is the sauce that makes this Big Mac a seller. Unfortunately, this is one of the weaker Cat episodes that have ever been produced. Nowhere near is the episode as well written as the two-parter from season two nor as inventive. In fact, the cats are put on the back burner so much, the producers could’ve gotten away with naming this one a “Rats” episode, and it probably would’ve been more pertinent.

As for the live-action scenes, a clip for next week’s episode previews an all-live-action episode which means this week provided for the build up. Unfortunately, nothing about this storyline is compelling me enough to actually want to see how it plays out. Yes, it means I get to see more of Demi Moore and Mel Rodriguez, both of whom are putting on their best game faces on while getting through what appears to be a very amateur presentation whence compared to that of the animated production values we usually get to enjoy.


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