Review: Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks “Opposites Attract”


Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

Alvin and Simon end up being magnetized at the hip after an invention of Simon’s accidentally gets knocked over in the middle of a petty fight between the two.

Our Take

Much like the situational shenanigans of a by-the-numbers sitcom, the two spend most of the running time attempting to hide and fix their massive screw-up by making it appear to everyone how close they are as brothers. It does lead to some unintentional comedic mishaps where Simon tries to call some science friends for help him, but in a weird way, it doesn’t exactly go well…

Like most episodes of this show, they do go into the obligatory musical montage to show the struggles they have to deal with, and you get a sense of urgency through Alvin & Simon’s perspective, but what’s easily the two biggest plot-holes were:

1. If the two are magnetized, wouldn’t they encounter, I don’t know… random metal objects attaching themselves to them or something?

And 2. while they do press the matter that neither of them wants to be in this situation and consistently lie to everyone, only Dave questions this odd behavior once but it’s never brought up again.

Overall, while we may have seen predictable episodes like this in shows that usually involve two people unable to get along and having to end up resolving their differences out of comedic contrivance, what matters the most is the execution of how you handle comedic situations like this.


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