Review: ALLEN’S POLE “Pilot”

Keep your eye on this one.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

In the premiere episode of Allen’s Pole, we join Lord Allen Quicks, his biographer Sandy Pants and adult nanny Fran attempt to take off in a hot air balloon headed for the North Pole but end up hitting a seal on the way which causes the balloon to crash and thereby putting a delay on their trip. That and the whole crew gets eaten by a whale.

Our Take

As far as series premieres go, this one was great! Allen’s Pole is hilariously scripted which is quite a feat for a series that’s got four-minute episodes. Moreover, the “cut-out” paper look of the show looks gorgeous, like something out of a children’s fairy tale but hearkening back to the art styles of the early turn of the 20th Century. Allen Quicks is a hilarious character, reminding me of a British take on the balloon character from South Park’s “ImaginationLand” character, however, a bit more grounded in the presentation. Sandy Pants didn’t have a lot of lines, but was comical still, and appears to be the butt of most jokes moving forward while Nann kind of sits back and hit lobs grenades. A longer run-time would serve this show well, but I’m hooked and am eagerly anticipating what mind be a surprise ripe for the holidays.


John Schwarz

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