Review: Alien News Desk “A Wasteland of Rehashed Dreck”


One for every sin.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s episode of Alien News Desk is a timely one due to the fact that it reports on the two events the miserable month of April is best known for, tax day and 4/20. Naturally, the aliens are fascinated at the fact that we get paid money only to give it back to the government thereby confirming one of the two utmost certainties in life…death and taxes. To help cope with this unnerving fact, we have drugs. Marijuana is a great way to forget about the fact that you paid your town about $10k just to live there despite the fact that religious institutions don’t have to pay anything for the same services that we do. Along with weed, the aliens let us know of a few other options for consuming plant life like cactus’ up our butts and plant-based burgers chemically altered to make it look like they are bleeding so as to convince ourselves that we don’t like to eat flesh.

Our Take

I rather quite liked the continuity of tonight’s stories. The show has no problem at pantomiming Hollywood whether it’s sacrificing the town’s heroes or making light of their culinary delights. “Interdimensional Insurance” is a fun short and I think is a concept that could be expanded on in the future by possibly inviting other animation studios to partake. Will Forte gives us more “fucks” in an increasingly fascinating growth trend in using crass language not really seen elsewhere on broadcast television and is one of the reasons why I tune in each and every week.

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