Review: Adventure Time “The First Investigation “

Space-time paradoxes.


Kim Kil Whan asks Finn and Jake to check out Joshua and Margaret’s house. Someone broke in, but there are also rumors of ghosts lurking around.

Our Take:

A weird episode with a lot of time shenanigans. Under Kim Kil Whan’s request, Finn and Jake go investigate their parents’ old house, which is supposedly haunted. It turns out it isn’t, and what’s happening is merely time fragments due to Clock Bear’s injury. The ghost Kim Kil Whan’s associate saw was a frightened Jake, and the ghost of the lady in the bathroom was a woman from a time before the house was constructed. Time is all over the place, so the present can interact with the past. As a result, Finn was able to give baby Jake a wet willy, and spell out ‘I love u’ to Joshua and Margaret.

Jake was also able to see his own birth, something he was mortified by. Although he has come to terms with his appearance as a Shapeshifter, he’s still very attached to the fact that he was a relatively normal child. Seeing that he was in fact, a Shapeshifter growth and not a regular baby frightened him. He has clearly not completely come to terms with his heritage.

The Shapeshifter finally appears to Jake at the end of the episode, speaking properly for the first time, and urging Jake that they need to go. It transforms into a portal to take Jake away but fails to tell the audience what the emergency is. Whatever happened, Jake saw the Shapeshifter’s plight as something urgent and leaves only a note behind for Finn.

With the last episode looming, there’s a lot to cover. How are they going to fight back Bubblegum’s relatives and Fern? What’s happening with the Shapeshifter? Will Finn be okay without Jake by his side?


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