Review: 12 oz Mouse “Portal to the Doorway”


Overview (Spoilers Below)

The “Portal to the Doorway” is actually a track by Amaranthe sung by Elise that opens up portals to other parts of the universe, more specifically, the one that will lead Mouse straight to Sirus, the world builder. Speaking of which,  Sirus shows up to confront Industry Man at Shyd Industries just as Wilx begins a chase against an escaping Rooster. The Castellica saves Mouse and crew, but how did this come about? Looks like we’ll have to wait until the finale to find out!

Our Take

Between a de facto music video, and Rooster’s timely escape, there wasn’t a whole bunch of time devoted to Mouse and Castellica and what the hell was going down there. The episode does enough to paint a picture for a decent set up for the season finale, but not much else. That said, we did get some hilarious moments. When we dig a bit deeper into the Castellica we learn that this monstrosity can succumb to something as trite as a few flat tires and that fried chicken is a fuel source of some kind. Amaranthe’s animated music video was killer, but I didn’t quite get the interstitial of zooming through the universe and the purpose that served.


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