Reddit AMA Recap: Rooster Teeth Animation Team Talks “Camp Camp” ; Releases Statement Concerning Anti-Semite Concerns From Premiere Episode

Director and Writer Jordan Cwierz, Animators Andrew Lhotsky, Beth Mackenzie, and Jordan Battle; Supervising Producer and Writer Gray G. Haddock, and Producer Maggie Tominey all took part in a Reddit AMA to talk about the new season of Camp Camp. Personally, Jordan gave by far the best answers to questions asked by fans, however, we did get some notable contributions from the rest of the staff…including the legal department. Read on and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Most complex shot to plan and animate

JC: In the episode that just came out today, we have a 360-degree rotating shot of a two-dimensional character that I knew was probably going to kill Yssa, our lead animator. Before we even did storyboards for it I asked her to make sure she could do it, and rose to the occasion and absolutely crushed it.

Favorite episode of season one to work on

JC: Storyboarding the shots for the scene in the finale between Max and David was a lot of fun to direct. Coming up with more dramatic angles to adjust the tone for the scene was cool. Going from David on edge and Max in control, then switching, then having them be on equal footing without ever really moving from their spots was an interesting challenge.

BM: Mine was Spooky Island!! I had to animate the scene just before the reveal at the end. I loved playing with all the emotions happening in that scene from terrified Neil and Jasper to angry Max.

What programs are used to produce Rooster Teeth animated series

JC: It used to be a mix of Flash and After Effects for season 1 of X-Ray and Vav. Then we discovered the glory of Toon Boom and never looked back. Even RTAA is made in Toon Boom now.

On which characters went through the most changes while the show was being worked on.

JC: The reason Nurf wasn’t around early on in season 1 was because we had no idea what his character would be. We finally had a breakthrough with the “bully with a conscience” angle and he’s been stealing scenes ever since.

On the possibility of future musical numbers after season two episode one

JC: We try to limit ourselves to one musical number per season (they’re really difficult to make x_x)

In a crazy turn of events. A Reddit AMA user by the name of “RangerofHarmony” had a rather long inquiry concerning the anti-semitic overtones in Camp Camp Season Two which Noelle actually brought up in our review of the first episode. The people involved with the production of Camp Camp went ahead and asked their standards & practices team to supply them with a response, and here’s what it is:

All: We appreciate your point of view and definitely try to take these thoughts into consideration whenever we approach any piece of content. We’d rather acknowledge the darker parts of the world than ignore them and let them fester. We don’t think that any jokes are presented in a way that condones any type of hate. We’re not trying to normalize the outrageous but sometimes we’ll use the outrageous to demonstrate how ridiculous a character’s thinking or motivations are. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to address concerns such as these.

What are your thoughts on this conversation starter? Do you think Rooster Teeth went a bit too far in their premiere episode of Camp Camp Season Two? Or do you think the producers merely exercised their rights to free speech. Sound off in the comments, we’d like to hear ’em!

Read more of the Reddit AMA here.

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