Reddit AMA Recap: Olan Rogers Talks “Final Space” Season Three



Late last night, Final Space creator Olan Rogers took part in a Reddit AMA session where he talked all things season three which is expected to drop sometime next year. Here are some highlights, but you can read the entirety of the AMA here.

On what helped inspire Final Space

I loved Dragon Ball Z and Samurai Jack growing up. But for Final Space it was all about movies…Interstellar, 2001, Moon, Star Wars I wanted a cartoon just as big as a movie.

On the developing relationships he has had with some of the voice cast

Tom Kenny is a gem of a human being, I feel like were slowly becoming friends I mean we went to Medieval Times together and he invited me to luchador wrestling. I remember Ron Perlman wanted to act with me in the booth and that was very nerve racking, after we finish he fisted bumped me. Which wow! Was surreal. Keith David always tells us stories of his life which is so cool. I just try to sponge up anything these legends want to give. Vanessa Marshall honesty blew us away with that voice it is legit creepy. She actually auditioned for Sheryl but then did that voice after we asked if she could do a creepy voice and bam! We casted her, she is so talented and a great person all around so it was an easy pick.

On actors he really wants to work with

I really wanted to work with Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Stewart both were too busy though to lend a voice. I would love to work with Mark Hamill at some point. Also Troy Baker.

On how season three Gary will compare to previous seasons’ take on Gary

I think it was a good note on season one Gary. That was my first time voice acting so I had no idea what I was doing. Season 3 Gary has more range he’s gets to that crazy Gary in season 1 but there are different levels to that now. Season 3 Gary also is generally more love-able and charming. Season 2 Gary wasn’t watered down, he was just more emotional. I think people will be delighted by Gary this season and if not… screw it because I really like him this season haha. And I think it’s healthy to listen to all feedback but sometimes you just have to trust you gut.

On the future of KVN

yes KVN has a great story this season or should I say KVNs.

On the future of Ash

There is TONS of Ash in S3

On the future of Invictus

There is a lot of Invictus in S3

On the future of Lord Commando

He has a big part this season

On potential plans for the franchise
I’m not greedy I just want to finish the story I have in mind between 5-6 seasons. A game would be cool for sure. And I have an idea for a spin off for a graphic novel that could be pretty cool but I just want to focus on the show.  We’re trying to figure out action figures.

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