Reddit AMA Recap: Dave Willis talks final season of ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’


We actually tried really hard to do something special for the final season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but from the sounds of it, the separation between the producers of Aqua Teen and Adult Swim wasn’t very amicable. We didn’t get much help from the network in getting a story together, which sucks, but what can you do?

In any case, Dave Willis stopped by Reddit yesterday to do an AMA about the final season of Aqua Teen, and here are some highlights from the discussion:

Why the show is ending: 

We didn’t end it, it was the decision of Mike Lazzo and adult swim. He was ready to move on from it. It bums me out, and I still think the show is great – but it’s not my decision. If I owned the show, I would still make it and project it on the side of my toolshed in my backyard. Our small group of guys love making the show. We’re all very invested in it, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. And the show does well, so there’s that. As for the Simpsons, I don’t watch it much anymore. But if changing the face of television and inspiring a generation of comedy writers were something we could do, I would love to “end up” that way.

On the future of Carl’s Stone Cold Locks of the Century…of the week:

I hope to keep the locks coming. All depends on SVP (Scott Van Pelt).

On the ‘Boston’ episode leaking:

No – it wasn’t my fault, and whoever leaked it is a dick. Whatever that was, it was half-done, if that. We had a GREAT script – and we were going to complete it for this run of 10 eps – but then weren’t allowed to finish it. And then this leaked. I was hoping we could always have one completed episode that no one was ever going to get to see, and then 40 years from now, Betty White’s emaciated titanium exoskeleton could open the Williams Street vaults to view the lost episode on TV Land. It would have been fitting. But the internet won’t let you have nice things.


Will ‘Death Fighter happen?’ (Probably not)

We have a script. Do you have $3.4 million

Squidbillies update!

Still doing more Squidbillies early next year.

On how he’s looking back at his time doing Aqua Teen and if there are any regrets. Oh yea, and a note about 12 Ounce Mouse

Bittersweet, definitely. I’ll always be proud of it. It changed my life. It was exciting to see our work take off with people, before hating became the way of the internet. Looking at you, chuckleCuck! 12 oz mouse? Sure. Matt killed my character, Rhoda, violently with a sword. Snakes emerged from my corpse. But if he can resurrect Rhoda, I am down.

So, to recap. The ‘Death Fighter’ movie? Probably not happening. Carl’s Picks? Maybe. Squidbillies? Thank Christ, yes. I don’t know if I could have handled two major losses like this in one year.


Read the rest of the Reddit AMA here. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever kicks off this Sunday Night @ Midnight EST only on Adult Swim, check your local listings.




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