Reddit AMA Recap: Carolla recounts Cook getting pissed off during Crank Yankers


Recently, the brilliant Adam Carolla did a Reddit AMA and while I was pissed no one asked him about his Drawn Together days, someone DID ask him to tell a funny behind-the-scenes story for Adam’s OTHER hit series on Comedy Central, Crank Yankers.

Many funny behind the scene moments. The one that comes to mind is when one of the writers who was laying on the floor of the studio did a scissor fart and Dane Cook, who was recording, was seriously upset.

For those that don’t know, Crank Yankers was a series that featured puppets, usually voiced by HUGE celebrities, making prank phone calls. The series lasted for four seasons and was really a good launching pad for the careers of Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and others before anyone really knew who they were.

Oh yea, does anyone find Dane Cook funny anymore?

John Schwarz

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